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The Vision sequence is great for small team  exercises. The training mode displays which target  will appear next, allowing the players to  communicate and move the ball between each other.


During this training mode, two lights will appear at  each individual time. One blue, which is the light  which needs to be hit initially, and one orange,  which provides a visual stimulus to show where the  next pass should be played. Once the first (blue) light  is hit, the orange light will change to blue and  become the next available light to be struck.


  • One blue target displayed at random inside the circuit. One orange light also displayed.


  • Target disappears when successfully hit and reappears elsewhere. If a target is missed, the panel that has been  struck will light up red and the correct target will stay on until it has been successfully hit.


  • Once the blue target has been hit, the previously orange light will change to blue and become the next target to hit.


  • A further orange light will then appear so the performer is always aware of where their next pass will be.


  • Sound effects and LED lights indicate when a target has been hit, and also will inform you of the end of the training  session. Scoreboard displays successful hits as well as unsuccessful.

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