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Knockout is a quick-fire training mode, and an  extremely effective warm up or rehabilitation  routine. All lights flash blue around the circuit and  you must hit each of them as quickly as possible.


The scoreboard counts your time and the shorter the  better. Tailor this training mode to suit your needs,  for example incorporating, cones, goals, mannequins  or other equipment to increase the difficulty.


  • All lights come up flashing blue.


  • Player must hit all the lights out as quickly as possible.


  • Each light turns green when hit.


  • Timer stops when all lights have successfully been hit.


  • The lights can be struck out in any order.


If a light has already been hit, it will no longer flash, and if hit again will turn red to indicate an unsuccessful pass. The  scoreboard will indicate when finished how long it has taken the player to complete the challenge.

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