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Pass Finder is Designed around traditional passing drills, this  mode displays blue lights randomly across the  panels and requires the performer to hit as many  flashing lights as they can within the set time  frame.


Alter the amount of targets displayed at a time to  work on differing attributes, (switch between  PassFinder 1 and 2).


  • One  LED target/s are displayed at random inside your game


  • Target flashes green then disappears when successfully hit and reappears elsewhere


  • If an incorrect target is hit, the panel that has been struck will light up red and the correct target will  stay on until it has been successfully hit.


  • Sound effects and LED lights indicate when a target has been hit, and also will inform you of the end of the training  session.


  • Scoreboard displays successful hits as well as unsuccessful. The scoreboard will also show the timer countdown.

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