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Soccer Camps

Sports Camps



When do we offer camps?

 All School Breaks? Yes

Summer? Yes

Winter? yes

Spring? yes

Snow Days? Yes

"When your children our off school we have a camp just for you"

Ages 5-13        Boys and Girls 

  full week camp             9-4pm            $300

    Full Day  camp            9-4pm            $100

        Half Day camp           9-1pm   


what do we offer?

Soccer   9-1pm

lunch     1-130pm

Multi Sports     130pm -4pm

"our facility offers us the opportunity to deliver a camp experience like no other".

soccer training
  qualified coaches

breakdown of soccer program.

sign in and introduction.

  players will be put into age-appropriate age groups with qualified coaches

depending on camp numbers of players, they will split into 5 groups.

   qualified coaches per age-appropriate group

915am                                                  S.A.Q speed agility and footwork to walm up

930am                                                   split into different groups for coaching.

group 1                                                 ball mastery 15mins per session

group 2                                                  RWTB 15 mins per session

group 3                                                dribbling 15 mins per session

  group 4                                              passing and receiving 15 mins per session.

 group 5                                                shooting 15 mins.  

1045                                                       5 mins snack break and drink.

 1050                                                       players again split into their group.

group 1                                                  digital soccer game    20 mins.

group 2                                                 1v1     attacking 15 mins. 

 group 3                                                 attacking 2v1 15 mins. 

group 4                                                  soccer scrimmage upstairs 15 mins  

group 5                                                   possession-based games   4v1 

12pm                                                       drinks break 

12pm                                                       2v2 tournament.  60 mins 

1pm                                                          players will start lunch 30 mins. 

130pm                                                    soccer program will end.

130pm                                                    multi sports camp will begin.

this will the daily schedule for the soccer camp, but the curriculums will change daily.


1pm -130pm

all players must bring their own lunch.

players will get 30 mins to eat

players will get a verity of snack break throughout the day

please ensure all children have enough food for full day

Multi Sports
Afternoon Camp

we believe that a morning of professional soccer coaching is essential to all players, but our facility allows us to offer more than just soccer. we believe that a 9-4pm camp is to long for only soccer so we are delivering a multi sports approach to the afternoon offering a variety of sports and games where children can have a fun and interreact whilst learning a new sports.  

additional sports will be. 

 ping pong 




board games like chess 


play stations. 


digital soccer games 

chill out zone. 

bouncy houses 

arts and crafts 

soccer games

we have multiple rooms that will use utilize and the facility layout will allow us to have a different game in each 7 pods allowing kids to play variety of games engaging them for the rest the afternoon.



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