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Are you ready to take your soccer skills to new heights? Look no further than Soccer Fun Zone (SFZ) - the ultimate technology-led soccer facility dedicated to delivering high-level technical programs for players of all ages and ability levels. Join us on a thrilling journey where fun meets competition, and digital innovation enhances your training experience like never before.

Located in the heart of Stamford, SFZ stands apart as a state-of-the-art facility, unrivaled in its commitment to revolutionize soccer training. Our mission is simple: to provide a dynamic and engaging environment that fosters growth, nurtures talent, and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. 

What sets us apart? Our cutting-edge technology and statistical analysis enable you to monitor your own performance in real-time. We have lines and levels for each user so they can progress through the facility as the scores indicate improvement. 

With SFZ, you become the architect of your own improvement, with access to invaluable insights and data that empower you to track your progress with precision. We believe in accountability, and our advanced tools ensure that you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.


                                                                                      Welcome to Soccer Fun Zone!



Highly qualified professional football coach with extensive experience developing elite performers in the English Premier League. Former professional footballer with a track record of playing for renowned clubs such as Everton FC, Torquay United, and Chester City FC. Seeking an opportunity to utilize my expertise and leadership qualities to coach and mentor elite players in England or abroad.

Highly Motivated and knowledgeable football coach with a strong commitment to excellence. Holder of the highest levels of qualifications from the English FA and UEFA, including the UEFA Pro Licence. Demonstrated leadership abilities as a team captain throughout my playing career, including the England Youth team and the FA Youth-winning team at Everton Football Club. Open-minded and constantly learning, always striving for new ideas and methodologies. Dedicated to studying and analyzing games of all age groups to enhance coaching strategies. 

Football Qualifications / Education:

  • Pending: UEFA Pro Licence

  • Achieved:​​

    • FA Module 1 Developing Environment

    • FA module 2 Developing The Team

    • FA Module 3 Developing the Player

    • Position Specific - Developing Forward

    • Position Specific - Developing Midfielder

    • Position Specific - Developing Defender

    • Academy Managers Licence (Lisbon)

    • UEFA A Licence

    • FA Youth Coaches Awards 17-21s

    • FA Youth Coaches Awards 12-16s

    • UEFA B Licence

    • S.A.Q I Diploma

    • Marketing And Promoting Leisure And Tourism

    • Information Technology Level 2

    • Communication Level 2

    • G.N.V.Q In Leisure And Tourism

    • International Coaching tournaments in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Belgium,

    • Thailand Premier League (Police Utd, Bangkok Ltd, Buriram Utd, Army FC, Chonburi FC, Kon Ken)

  • FA Module 2 Developing Practice

  • FA Module 3 Developing Player

         Employment History:

Everton Football Club (2008 - 2013) Lead Foundation Coach

  • Full-time role involving coaching, recruitment, and operational aspects of the youth academy.

  • Developed coaching syllabus for delivery by coaches.

  • Supervised 8 staff members and up to 50 young players.

  • Created tailored development programs for individual players in line with Elite Player Performance Plan regulations.

  • Set player objectives, analyzed video footage, provided feedback, monitored performance, and evaluated progress.

  • Liaised with department heads, attended multidisciplinary meetings, and reported on coaching data.

  • Ensured young players had necessary resources in collaboration with the head of education.

  • Resolved issues and communicated with parents, including attending parents' evenings.

  • Attended Premier League meetings, engaging with peers from various football clubs.

  • USA (2013 - 2017) Lead Academy Coach Everton FC West Chester 13-14 Academy Technical Director 9-12 Everton FC Westchester Lead Coach 05 Pre-Academy/04 Academy Everton FC Westchester

Everton Football Club (2003 - 2008) Coach (12-18 Year Old Skills)

  • Coached team games for ages 9-18.

Chester City Football Club (2002/03) Professional Player

Torquay Utd (1999 - 2002/03) Professional Player

Everton Football Club (1998/99) Captain (FA Youth Cup winning side) England Schoolboy International (1995/96)

Everton Football Club (1988/98) Youth/Professional Player

Additional Achievements:

  • Captained Liverpool Schools FA U14s/15s (1995/96)

  • Represented North West Regional Team/Merseyside School U14/15 (1995/96)


  • European Tour Winners (Germany,

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