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                                                                  Team Training 



Are you ready to take your soccer teams skills and training to the next level? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art facility offers a revolutionary team training program designed to enhance performance, promote healthy competition, and foster data-driven improvement. Get ready to experience the future of soccer training!

 Digital feedback and analysis: Our training sessions are infused with advanced data analytics technology, allowing us to analyze player performance in real-time. With precision tracking, we can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, helping players reach their full potential. By harnessing the power of data, we create personalized training plans tailored to each player's unique needs.

Engaging Games and Leaderboard Competitions: We believe that training should be as exciting as it is informative. Our facility boasts seven different technology-led games on the main floor, each designed to challenge players' skills and push them to their limits. With every game connected to leaderboards displayed on TVs, the competition is fierce, fueling the motivation to excel. Strive for the top spot and celebrate your success in front of your teammates and spectators.

Fair and Balanced Gameplay: Maintaining fairness is at the core of our training philosophy. We ensure that every player has an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities by rotating them through the various games. Each player will participate in every game for 6-8 minutes, ensuring everyone gets a chance to shine. Additionally, our facility features different levels that are carefully selected for each player, ensuring a level playing field and an exhilarating competition.

3v3 Soccer Scrimmage and Collaborative Teamwork: To foster teamwork and strategic thinking, we organize 3v3 soccer games on our dedicated upstairs area. Engage in intense, fast-paced matches that last a maximum of 24 minutes. With rotations every 8 minutes, you'll have the opportunity to play alongside different teammates, sharpening your collaboration and adaptability skills. Together, you'll create memorable moments and build lifelong bonds.

Complete Experience with Post-Training Amenities: After an invigorating training session, take a moment to relax and refuel in our comfortable eating area. Whether you choose to bring your own food or indulge in our catering services, enjoy a well-deserved meal while relishing the camaraderie and excitement of your training event. We provide the space you need to replenish and celebrate your accomplishments with your teammates.


Team Training
Facility Rental

$200 per team

60 minutes 


90 minutes

16 players maximum

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